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Wedding Alterations

If you have found the perfect bridal gown, but it doesn’t fit quite right, bring it to Hana's Bridal! Wedding alterations require the work of a professional, talented tailor to ensure that your dress fits perfectly on your big day. We can perform big or small gown alterations to your bridal garments promptly and efficiently. When your wedding day approaches, we guarantee you will fit perfectly into your dress. We will make sure that it flatters your body just as you envisioned it. We can also adjust any bridesmaids dress or mother of the bride’s dress. We can re-design any wedding gown with custom bridal designs if you need an entirely new dress altogether. No matter your needs, we will ensure every alteration is tailored to your expectation and that you look stunning on your special day. Contact us for bridal alterations in the Port Coquitlam, BC, area today.

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