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Formal Clothes Alteration

Nothing feels quite as grand as wearing a brand new suit or dress. However, sometimes problems occur. Maybe the hemline isn’t in the correct position, or the sleeves are too long. If your formal clothing doesn’t fit right, it’s time for alterations from a professional tailoring service. Hana's Bridal provides formal clothes alteration for all types of garments, and we can make any change you want for your clothes. Tailoring is a specialized skill that requires a great deal of training, so it’s essential to find an expert you can trust. We will treat your formal wear with care so that they won’t be damaged when you wear them for your special event. With experience in both women’s and men’s clothing alteration, we ensure that every customer looks their best. Contact us in the Port Coquitlam, BC area today when you need tailoring for your dresses and suits.

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